Corporate EdTech leader 360Learning launches in Germany to expand international foothold through collaborative learning

  • 360Learning is launching in Germany and the wider DACH market to improve learning and development for businesses while tackling rising costs of upskilling
  • German businesses spend around €14.2 billion a year on training fees and learning materials but this archaic, top-down generic approach isn’t serving the needs of modern corporations
  • 360Learning’s platform will enable German businesses to upskill, engage and empower their employees through collaborative learning
  • German companies will join over 1,700 customers globally including LVMH, Aircall, Toyota and Appen who already use the platform to help reshape their company cultures

8th June, Paris – Corporate edtech SaaS leader 360Learning is today strengthening its EMEA expansion by launching in Germany and the wider DACH region to help companies reshape their learning cultures and invest in their own workforce through peer-driven learning.

Following continued success across key European markets including France, the UK and Nordics and with demand for the platform continuing to grow in the DACH region, moving into the continent’s largest economy is a strategic next step for 360Learning. Today’s launch will see the German-based team nearly double in size by the end of this year, with the company positioned to support customers in Switzerland and Austria as well.

Helping German businesses to rethink employee training

360Learning understands the issues acutely affecting businesses in the country when it comes to training and retaining staff. Global companies with German-based employees including SARP Veolia, Zadig and Voltaire as well as international businesses of German origin such as Vapiano SE and a growing number of companies in the country including professional services firms and technology businesses are using the platform to onboard and develop their staff. With the increasing demand for 360Learning’s services, the time was right for the company to scale up operations in the country.

Across the country, upskilling remains a critical business expense – companies across Germany spend around €14.2 billion a year on training fees and learning materials, with further indirect costs for work absences and travel. These costs are skyrocketing too – manufacturing powerhouse Bosch recently revealed it was spending €2bn to retrain its workforce.

Consequently, German companies expect their learning and development teams to develop training measures that demonstrably guarantee long-term improvements for the company. But many of the traditional reskilling plans involve decade-long career paths and outdated skill matrixes that take years and millions to implement. Drastic action is needed for businesses to upskill, engage and empower their employees to drive growth and the key is collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning – an essential tool for innovative German businesses

Unlike archaic top-down eLearning systems, 360Learning is revolutionising how companies approach learning and development, making it bottom-up and embedding it in company culture so employees can develop the skills they need to meet today’s challenges.

The 360Learning platform empowers learners to build their own skills, create courses in as few as 17 minutes and share knowledge throughout the business. It also offers the development and enhancement of new and existing competencies, easily adaptable to the respective company goals. This collaborative learning approach means courses on 360Learning receive an average 95% Relevance Score and offer learning experiences that are exciting, evolving and always updated with the latest information. This results in lasting behavioural changes in employees in order to sustain business success.

The focus on self-directed learning also means the diminishing of costs further down the line as more and more employees get used to learning and developing on the job and embrace a growth mindset. The platform also provides for multiple possibilities in terms of measuring the success of training and employee performance with business-relevant KPIs. 360Learning leverages AI to analyse significant data sets created from collaborative learning interactions and applies these insights to help companies identify what courses are missing or need to be improved, speed up course delivery, ensure learners find courses tailored to their immediate needs and keep growing through constant learning.

German companies will join the over 1,700 customers globally including LVMH, Aircall, Toyota and Appen who already use the platform to help reshape their company cultures, increase new hire time-to-productivity, free up billable days and ultimately increase sales.

Olivier Maire, Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager for EMEA at 360Learning said: “German companies are spending tens of billions a year primarily on outside consultants who deal in generic archaic templates for ways of reskilling. Companies in the country are looking for learning and development options that are cost-effective, easy to scale and ultimately result in business growth. By focusing on collaborative learning and combining it with AI and data, 360Learning provides all that and more and we’re excited to see the impact our platform will have on businesses across Germany.”

Nick Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer at 360Learning said: “Ever since we launched in Europe, we’ve been taken aback by the demand for our platform from companies in the DACH region. Given the scale of the issues facing German companies when it comes to retraining, collaborative learning can’t come soon enough. Our offering will not only save German companies time and money now but it will also future-proof against problems later down the line as employees get used to learning and developing on the job and embrace a growth mindset. We can’t wait to begin working in this new and exciting market for 360Learning.”


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About 360Learning:
360Learning enables companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. With our LMS for collaborative learning, Learning & Development teams can accelerate upskilling with the help of internal experts instead of slow top-down training. 360Learning is the easiest way to onboard and upskill employees, train customer-facing teams, and enable customers and partners–all from one place.

360Learning powers the future of work at 1,700 organizations. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has raised $240 million with 300+ team members across New York, Paris, and London. Find out more at

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