On the Low Standards of Eric Adams and the Post Editorial Board.

Sometimes it’s infuriating to just read the papers. The extreme-right NY Post editorial board excoriated Governor Hochul for signing a bill that reduced class size in NYC for the first time in over a half-century. They ignore the fact that there was a lawsuit mandating this for years, and ask why not the whole state. 

Well why not? I’d be good with that. I guess the Post doesn’t know that NYC has had the highest class sizes in the state, or close to it, for decades. 

Of course Adams opposes lower class sizes too, despite his public talk about how much he loves our schools. He, of course, is the same man who’s cut funding for public schools despite the fact that he’s pretty much rolling in dough like never before. 

The Post and Adams can trash Hochul as much as they wish, but she will win in a landslide, and would have even if she hadn’t signed the bill. At least now people like me won’t have to seek third party candidates, or vomit copiously in the voting booth.

Adams and the Post, of course, fail to see what every teacher does–that the fewer kids are in a class, the more attention those kids get. Adams wanted online classes of 400, so we know exactly how much he cares about NYC’s public schoolchildren. That’s surely why he had no qualms about taking 6 million dollars in cash from charter interests. Forget calling him Mayor Swagger. He’s the literal Six-million Dollar Man. 

And while he can rant about having to pay for smaller classes, calling it an unfunded mandate, or trash our union, the people who actually help children, the fact is education is a service. The city is supposed to provide quality education. By refusing to provide reasonable class sizes, they’ve neglected their job. The fact is, if they want to pay for it, they can tax big-mouthed Michael Bloomberg and all the gazillionaires who’ve profited as NY has suffered. Hell, they can sell Manhattan Island (and probably would if the proceeds went to Eva Moskowitz). 

Meanwhile, as the Post editorial board is busy trashing teachers and schoolchildren, they seem not to bother reading their own paper. It looks like an ambitious principal is demanding parents pay hundreds of dollars for school supplies, even though some of them are ultimately tossed in the trash. Some schools make parents buy from vendors that jack up the prices, in what looks like a shell game.

And hey, don’t get me started on insane demands from administrators, the ones every teacher in NYC knows about. Don’t get me started on principals who are found unfit, and either sit in their positions forever or get promoted to do Whatever It Is They Do at Tweed. 

The fact is some of the very worst teachers ever can’t hack the job. They make it their mission in life to Get Out of the Classroom, and go on to torture working teachers, make ridiculous demands, follow whatever insane regs their more advanced Out of the Classroom buds create, and end up doing absolutely nothing of value for our children. 

You won’t read about this in the Post editorial page, ever. Their target is the UFT, because we’re a big union, and they hate big unions. They don’t care if children learn in ridiculously large classes, and they wouldn’t care if teachers were picked off the street to teach for minimum wage, being fired for arbitrary and capricious reasons, as their good buddy Joel Klein demanded. 

If you want to improve education in NYC, you’ll reduce class sizes faster, provide sufficient facilities everywhere so it can happen, and tax even the Post’s owner, Rupert Murdoch to pay for it. You’ll stop targeting our union. In fact, if you really care about schoolchildren, you’ll encourage the creation of many other unions. That’s how you will provide them with better opportunities, if you actually care to do such a thing.

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