Schools to celebrate National Reading Day virtually

On June 19,
CBSE will celebrate Reading Day with focus on Technology enabled reading. The
25th National Reading Day will be celebrated on June 19 and the following
week as Reading Week and Reading Month will be celebrated from June 19 to July
18, 2020.

Reading Day is celebrated to honour the father of the ‘Library Movement in
Kerala’, the late P.N. Panicker, whose death anniversary falls on June 19.

The PN
Panicaker foundation has collaborated with the government regarding reading
related activities (online) in the wake of COVID-19.

Some of the
suggested activities by the foundation include Digital Reading Pledge, a
webinar on importance of reading, digital library and Intellectual Property
Rights etc.

students, a Quiz, Open Art, and Essay writing/ Debate competition has been
suggested and for the teachers and faculty members a quiz and video book
competition has been suggested.

individuals can find more details about the competition on the official website
of the P N Panicker Foundation.

This year, CBSE has asked all schools to celebrate Reading
Day, Reading Week, and Reading Month virtually.

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